Industry Steel

Industry steel

Filtration degree between 25 and 100 microns

In this industrial sector the water used in the production cycle can be grouped together as follows:

For this application we use mainly AVC filters with a filtration degree between 25 and 100 microns, with the aid of AHC filters in the presence of large quantities of contaminant.

Application Schemes

River / lake waters can contain a high SST content,
therefore in the first stage an ABV filter (200 ÷ 100µm) is generally used, capable of evacuating even large solidids without the need to use a prefilter.
In the case of taking water directly from the sea, there may be many SSTs in the water.
the most suitable filter is the ABV model (200 ÷ 100µm) capable of separating large quantities of contaminants, even large ones.
The band filter (ABF) can be used as a polishing unit after sand filtration.
In these cases the filter can ensure filtration up to 15µm.

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