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Experience, design and production

Alfa Water Srl is a company with solid experience in the design and production of all types of manual and automatic filters. We have invested our experience and expertise in water filtration in the marine, industrial and municipal sectors, with solutions and products in stainless steel, super alloys and advanced materials.

Our production includes a wide range of stainless steel filters (AISI 304, AISI 316, SAF 2205, SAF 2507, 254 SMO and recently also in GRP).

The filtration range of the automatic self-cleaning filters is between 2,000 and 1 µm.

Alfa Water is able to supply filters according to ASME, PED, ATEX and SHELLDEP standards.



The main applications are related to:






Protecting water to protect the future

Alfa Water was founded in the heart of the Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage Site - where water flows pure and uncontaminated. Living in this territory has taught us a respectful attitude to our life-giving, essential water resources.
We create water treatment solutions and have vast experience in designing and manufacturing manual, self-cleaning and automatic filters.

We develop cutting-edge filtration solutions that meet the needs of industrial and non-industrial applications.
We are engineers, technicians, craftsmen: women and men with the future at heart, whom we know how to safeguard through the correct management of water.

We also look to the future in the continuous choice of innovative materials and technologies, applying them all over the world.

Right from the start our aim was protection: both for water – to be safeguarded and defended from pollution, and for the customers – to whom we provide ideas for solving their problems.

We are confident that ours are ‘hard steel ideas’ because we wish to innovate and find new concrete solutions that are never banal, but strong: steely, just like the material we work so well with.

We face the problems of water management by designing solutions that we cover with steel to allow water to flow. We transform problems into solutions because we know how to integrate our experience and know-how with the physical and mathematical laws that regulate filtration technology, offering a unique service.

Proud of what our territory has taught us and used to managing water resources between the Dolomites and Venice, we do not limit ourselves to providing filters and water treatment systems.

We believe that ensuring pure water makes a contribution to protecting the environment and for this reason the production process for our customised solutions is eco-sustainable and uses renewable energy.

Protecting water means protecting the future and this is the responsibility we have the courage to take on every time we place ourselves at a customer’s service.

New challenges to face together

At this time, over 200 of our plants are already filtering and purifying water over the seven seas and five continents, and just as water never stops flowing, we want to continue our progress with your aid.
In different settings, water filtration poses ever-new challenges that we want to meet together with you: explain your requirements and we will channel our ideas into steel products that fit your needs.
We will be by your side at all stages to find the best solution!

We adapt to the most difficult uses of filtration systems, in every sector:

  • We know how to get on board the tight spaces of cruise ships and ensure a peaceful look at the horizon, filtering acidic sea water and water contaminated by oil / hydrocarbons
  • We save companies huge resources thanks to our recovery and recirculation systems for the water used in the production processes
  • We optimize public water purification and distribution systems with integrable filtration solutions that further guarantee safety for those who drink it.


Our values

In the heart of the Dolomites

We work in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site, an uncontaminated environment that we have learned to respect and honour since our childhood.
That is why we are committed to safeguarding the environment. We want our water resources to remain pure. Therefore, we comply with strict environmental regulations while gaining knowledge and experience on how to protect water resources.
We place our water treatment competence at your disposal.
Eco- sustainable manufacturing is a priority for us: thanks to our photovoltaic system we can produce filtrations systems with minimum environmental impact.

Your filtration problem has a solution: we will help you find it. Contact us for a quote or more information.

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