The fish-farming needs the incoming sea water and the water already involved in the faming process to be constantly filtered. Our products are particularly efficient, especially the NoFouling filtration tissue we use when organic colloidal pollutants are present in the water.
Basically, we supply ABV and AVC automatic filters, using a filtration degree between 5 and 400 microns.

Application schemes

The breeding waters must guarantee the chemical-physical and biological characteristics suitable for the growth of the farmed species.
The water supply must be of sufficient quality and quantity to safeguard the health and well-being of the farmed fish, and in most cases the tanks recirculate the water by integrating fresh water to a minimum.
To be recirculated, the water needs an effective filtration system and a disinfection system generally using UV lamps.
Alfa Water proposes for these applications, ABV filters or AVC filters with the use of Nofouling tissue (able to be easily regenerated in the presence of organic and / or colloidal contaminants) and KillBac tissue for bacterial load control.

The filtration ranges used are between 100 and 5 microns.

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