Mining Sector

Mining sector

wastewater with high concentration of pollutants

In the mining process the extraction of the minerals generates big quantities of wastewater with high concentration of pollutants, due to the direct contact between the water and the various minerals.

The effluent of the extraction process can be resulting from the following processes:

  • Washing;
  • Extraction, using acids;
  • Leaching, floating or concentration of suspended solids in the mineral processing;
  • Scrubber refinery effluent.

The filters that we supply in this industrial sector are AHC centrifugal separator and ABV or AVC automatic filters. The filtration degree ranges between 5 and 400 microns.

Application schemes

River / lake waters can contain a high SST content,
therefore in the first stage an ABV filter (200 ÷ 100µm) is generally used, capable of evacuating even large solidids without the need to use a prefilter.
In the case of taking water directly from the sea, there may be many SSTs in the water.
the most suitable filter is the ABV model (200 ÷ 100µm) capable of separating large quantities of contaminants, even large ones.
La band filter (ABF) può essere utilizzato come polishing unit dopo la filtrazione delle sabbie.
In questi casi il filtro può assicurare una filtrazione fino a 15µm.

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