Cleaning technologies

Our innovative cleaning systems allow you to remove all types of contaminants, from coarse to the finest and most colloidal, optimizing cleaning cycles and keeping the filter always running.


Suction pads are the exclusive cleaning system of the filter cartridge installed into AVC filters. This is the “suction-scanning” technology, optimized by our research and development department with a new flexibility system of elastic manifolds and a new pad, which allow to have a good contact with the filtering cartridge, for maximum suction performance. This system ensures cleaning faster, minimum discharge of water and a higher cleaning efficiency with no interruption flow.


The brushes are the patented cleaning system of the filter cartridge installed in the ABR filters. This is composed of stiff brushes, integral with a rotating shaft, that remove not-colloidal particles clogged on the filtering screen. This system is not suitable for water contains soft or colloidal particles.


The Vacuum-Brush patented cleaning system is made with the insertion of interchangeable brushes on flexible suction pads. In this way, the brushes allow effective removal of the particles that are more adherent to the suction surface and, at the same time, the suction allows full removal even with inlet pressures less than 2 bar. This cleaning system of the filter cartridge is installed into ABV and AVB filters.


Spray Nozzles are the cleaning system of the filter cartridge installed into AMA filters. This is composed of a series of spray nozzles, which allow to create powerful jets of clean water directed on the filter cartridge, removing all clogged particles, even of colloidal type.

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