Oil & gas

Gradi di filtrazione compresi tra 100 e 25 micron

The water is used for well drilling or for the petroleum and gas refining process.
The water used must be separated from the hydrocarbons, either as water present in the crude oil or the condensed one.
In this sector the filters used are the manual ABK strainers or the bag filters ABG, as well as the automatic filters AVC, AVB, ABV, AMA, with a filtration degree ranging between 5 and 200 micron. We propose also the ASME filters.

Application schemes

River / lake waters can contain a high SST content,
therefore in the first stage an ABV filter (200 ÷ 100µm) is generally used, capable of evacuating even large solidids without the need to use a prefilter.
In the case of taking water directly from the sea, there may be many SSTs in the water.
the most suitable filter is the ABV model (200 ÷ 100µm) capable of separating large quantities of contaminants, even large ones.
The band filter (ABF) can be used as a polishing unit after sand filtration.
In these cases the filter can ensure filtration up to 15µm.

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