Intake water for the use on the vessel

Intake water for the use on the vessel

For protection of the naval utilities and efficiently filtrate the sea water , usually the ABV and the AVC filter models in SAF2205 or GRP are installed.
The filtration degree used is between 25 and 500 micron and the flow that a single filter treats is between 100 and 1400 m³/h.

These filters can also be used to filter the sea water necessary for the use of the scrubber.
It can be considered a first stage for both open and close loop filtration.

Sea Water Scrubber (SWS use liquid to wash unwanted pollutants from a gas stream before it reaches the atmosphere. The scrubbers are cylindric elements, positioned inside the chimney through which the exhausted gases are expelled meanwhile sea water is sprinkled. In this manner the sulphur oxides are largely reduced, due to two distinct processes: one is the dissolving of the SOx in the water droplets and the other is the reaction between the alkaline substances (naturally present in the sea water) and the dissolved SOx.
Both for the Scrubber open system and for the close loop the water that reaches the scrubber must be filtered, to eliminate all impurities that could compromise its functioning. In the open cycle system, the amount of water used is very consistent (reaching 1400m³/h).

Application Schemes

The filter installed in the Wash water line, during the cleaning cycle can be pressurized by the supply line of the scrubber with filtered water under pressure.
In this way the pressurization of the filter is always ensured during the cleaning cycle to ensure a good suction effect of the contaminant from the suction pads.

The sea water is sucked on board through a coarse filtered intake to separate the larger sized impurities, then passes through a basket filter with a filtration degree of 1 mm and is pumped to AVC automatic filters with filtration degrees generally between 500 and 50 microns.
The filtered water is pressurized to the various utilities of the ship, the discharges resulting from the automatic cleaning of the filters are returned to the sea or further collected in the ABF filter for the separation of any oily compounds or for the collection of microplastics.

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