The ABF is a compact, under-vacuum filter that use a filter support made of non-woven disposable roll.
The filter is composed of two tanks. The internal one is dedicated at the gross filtration, while the external one contains the leakage and/or the overflow.

The dirty fluid pours into the upper compartment of the tank, passes through the filtering paper, which retains the contaminant contained in the liquid, and the resulting purified liquid flows in the tank underneath.
The layer of dirt retained by the paper is called “cake”. It improves the filtering process.

The compartment containing the clean water, is part of the first tank. It is maintained under depression using a suction pump for the permeate.
The depression in the filtration chamber is between (-0,2 ÷ -0,4bar)

Thanks to the mechanical seal obtained by filter tissue and the rotating discs, it is possible to maintain in depression the filter paper, thus increasing considerably its life cycle.

The progressive clogging of the filter medium, causes the increase in the fluid level inside the first tank. By means of a dedicated controller with an inverter, this increase of the fluid level generates the wrapping of the filter paper.

The ABF filtration system can be implemented with the OilRepellentTM filter.

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