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Swimming pools

The water in the swimming pools has to be kept clean both physically (from the suspended solids) and chemically (PH and bacterial growth control) in order to be safe for the swimmers.
The water is being filtrated and thus the SST is reduced using a side stream filtration that recycles the same water. Alfa Water has already applied the so called Killbac™filtration tissue in build up solutions. This special functionalized filtration tissue reduces the bacterial growth. When used along with the OilRepellent™ functionalized tissue the filtration performance in treating water with high content of dissolved sunscreen products is really impressive.
The filters used are AVC and ABV with filtration degree between 5 and 100 microns.

Application schemes

Pool water must be continuously filtered and disinfected to maintain high quality so that it meets the chemical and microbiological safety parameters that make it suitable for use by human art.
Alfa Water proposes for filtration systems, depending on the type of tank, a recirculation time less than or equal to the one established and in any case in the range from 1 to 6 hours and a daily change of at least 30 liters of water per bather and in any case not less than 5% of the tank volume.
Our filters used in this use are part of the AVC models with two types of filter tissue applied:
1) the NoFouling filter tissue which, thanks to our patented functionalization system, perfectly regenerates from organic material including the oils of sun creams
2) The KillBac fabric: with this tissue we control the bacterial load in the water.

The degrees of filtration used are included in the range between 100 and 5 microns.

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