Re-use of the discharged waste water

Re-use of the discharged waste water

The discharged WWTP water may contain suspended solids, deriving from the dragging of the sludge in the sedimentation tank. In order to re-use the water, both filtration and disinfection must be carried out.
We have built many filtration systems, using AVC and ABV filters with a filtration degree comprised between 25 and 100 micron.

Application schemes

The effluent from biological and activated sludge treatment plants may contain suspended solids that must be removed for water reuse.
The filters of the AVC series are the most suitable for this purpose, thanks to the use of NoFouling tissue (100÷25µm) in the presence of colloidal substances.
In these cases it is possible to carry the SST into the influential post-sedimentation product.
It is possible to use a band filter (ABF) with filtration between 30 ÷ 15µm followed by an AVC filter with a filtration degree of 10µm.
The band filter (ABF) can be used as a polishing unit after sand filtration.
In these cases the filter can ensure filtration up to 15µm.
The reuse of post-sedimentation water can be ensured by a 2-stage filtration battery composed of AVC filters.
The first of 50µm and the second of 25µm.

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