Usually the fountains use either potable water from the public distribution system or river water. In the first case the water is being recirculated and subsequently filtered in order to protect the nozzles from the suspended solids dragged in from the dust present in the air. In the second case the slime and sand have to be retained buy the filters.
Normally the filters used are AMB, ABK, AVC and ABV. The filtration degree ranges between 2 and 100 microns.

Application schemes

River / lake waters can contain a high SST content,
therefore in the first stage an ABV filter (200 ÷ 100µm) is generally used, capable of evacuating even large solidids without the need to use a prefilter.
In the case of taking water directly from the sea, there may be many SSTs in the water.
the most suitable filter is the ABV model (200 ÷ 100µm) capable of separating large quantities of contaminants, even large ones.

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