Microfiltration up to 1 micron with automatic cleaning.
• Plated multilayer cartridge AMC with large filter area
• Efficient cleaning with pressurized nozzles
• Multi-cartridge solution
• Available with multi-body filters for high flow rates
Alfa Water AMA filters are self-cleaning filters with automatic cleaning of AMC filter cartridges with pressurized nozzles. The filtration is from inside to the outside; the center shaft with nozzles proceeds to clean the cartridges for clogging achieved (thanks to the differential pressure switch) or at preset time, managed by a controller. An external source of pressurized clean water supplies cleaning nozzles; the drain of the washing water is by gravity.
The reinforced fiberglass body encloses up to two 20” cartridges, with a filtration range of 25 to 1 μm, and it can have 3” to 8” flanged input / output connections.
All materials used are compatible with drinking water and sea water resistant.
Control systems are available suitable for the single filter and for the more complex filtration batteries, in the various voltage versions, single-phase and three-phase, characteristics of the various countries.

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