ABR 170 filters are automatic self-cleaning filters with high efficiency due to the continuous filtration process and the low cleaning water consumption.
Alfa Water ABR 170 filters are automatic filters with suction scanning and brush self-cleaning mechanism, driven by an electric motor.
Thanks to flexible mechanism of scanner, ensuring adherence to the screen, this filter has high cleaning efficiency.
The body and the covers of filters are made in 254SMO, designed for filtration the sea water discharged from the DeSox tower.

The multi-layer polyester filtering cartridge is composed of polyester (PETP) filter tissue fitted between two tubular support screens of SAF2205.

This multi-layer system allows to have a filtration range from 800 µm to 25 µm and allows to protect the filtering tissue from wear caused by passage of suction pads.
Special suction pads ensure the complete cleaning of the screen with minimum water consumption and without stopping the filtration process.
These special suction pads are supplied with integrated brushes that allow to improve the cleaning of filtering screen.

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