The automatic self-cleaning filter with brushes for the prefiltration of surface and process water containing not-colloidals suspended solids.

• Stainless steel housing and filter cartridge
• Interchangeable screens with several filtration degrees
• Ecomonic and robust choice for automation of filtration
• Low inlet pressure requested

Alfa Water ABR filters are automatic filters with a set of brushes mounted on a
rotating shaft, driven by an electric motor.
ABR filters can support flow rates of up to 390 m³/h (1717 US gpm) with four sizes of screens up to 5500 cm2, with several screens covering the range of filtration degree between 2000 and 25 µm and with different range of inlet/outlet connections between 2″ and 8″.

Controller standard:
• AWC Basic controller (differential pressure and/or preset time and/or manual start, IP54, 4DI, 4AI/DI, 4DO, LCD Display 1.5″)
Available 2 controller:
• AWC FULL controller
• AWP FULL controller

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