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About us

Alfa Water Srl was founded in the heart of the Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage Site - where water flows pure and uncontaminated. Living in this territory has taught us a respectful attitude to our life-giving, essential water resources.

We create water treatment solutions and have vast experience in designing and manufacturing manual, self-cleaning and automatic filters.

We develop cutting-edge filtration solutions that meet the needs of industrial and non-industrial applications.

We are engineers, technicians and artisans: people who care about the future and how to safeguard it through managing water properly. 

We also look to the future by choosing innovative technologies and materials and taking them out into the world.


Our mission

At this time, over 200 of our plants are already filtering and purifying water over the seven seas and five continents, and just as water never stops flowing, we want to continue our progress with your aid.

In different settings, water filtration poses ever-new challenges that we want to meet together with you: explain your requirements and we will channel our ideas into steel products that fit your needs.
We will be by your side at all stages to find the best solution!

We can handle the most difficult aspects of filtration in every sector:
we can board the restricted space of a cruise ship ensuring trouble-free navigation by
filtering acid sea water and oil/hydrocarbon polluted water.

Our values

Our values

We work in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site, an uncontaminated environment that we have learned to respect and honour since our childhood.

That’s why we are committed to safeguarding the environment. In particular, we want our water resources to remain pure.  Therefore we comply with strict environmental regulations while gaining knowledge and experience on how to protect water resources.

We place our water treatment competence at your disposal. 

Eco- sustainable manufacturing is a priority for us: thanks to our photovoltaic system we can produce filtrations systems with minimum environmental impact.

Alfa Water Srl

We will turn your water treatment concerns into solutions that meet your needs.
Contact us or see our catalogue of products to purify your water.

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