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Our Filtration Technology

AlfaWater Technology

Filtration is governed by the laws of mathematics and must be fine-tuned on the basis of experience acquired in solving real-life filtration problems. Our proposed solutions combine technical and scientific knowledge with skills gained in the field and innovative ideas from continuous research conducted in-house: this is what defines Alfa Water technology and makes it successful.

We like to say that “our ideas are dressed in steel”, as sturdy and robust as the mountains that surround us.

Our filtration technology boasts two main points of strength:

1. Exclusive filter elements

Our filter cartridges are made up of a variety of stainless steel baskets which support the filtering screens acting as filter media. All our polyester tissues are available in Nanotex technology version.

2. Innovative automatic cleaning systems.

All this is the result of our continuous Research & Development developed at our facility, in specialized laboratories or directly at our customers’ plants.

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