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AGT filters

AGT Cover

The automatic self-cleaning filter for filtration of high flow rate with continuous filtration process.

  • Multi-cartridge solution
  • Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
  • No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
  • Minimum cleaning water consumption
  • Very reliable and efficient cleaning mechanism with suction scanner
  • Easy to change cartridges or filtration degree

Alfa Water AGT filters are automatic filters with suction scanning self-cleaning mechanism, driven by electric motors, suitable for high flow rates. Thanks to flexible mechanism of scanner, ensuring adherence to the screen, this filter has high cleaning efficiency. They have different angles configuration for installation (In-Out axis: 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°).

AGT filters can support flow rates of up to 1600 m³/h (7044 US gpm) with five sizes of screens up to 22000 cm², with several multi-layers screens covering the range of filtration degree between 1000 and 25 μm and with different range of inlet/outlet flanged connections between 10″ and 20″.

Available 2 controllers:

  • AWC Basic controller (differential pressure and/or preset time and/or manual start, IP54, 4DI, 4AI/DI, 4DO, LCD Display 1.5″)
  • AWC Full controller (as AWC Basic but it can be integrated into exixting systems, no need monitoring, IP54, 4DI, 4AI/DI, 4PowerDO + 3DO, LCD Display 3.5″)

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