Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 25/a 32036 Sedico (BL) - ITALY +39 0437 573039


Design and production of filtration systems

Stabilimento AlfaWater a Sedico, Belluno

We produce ideas that ensure solutions to all water filtering problems, even the most complex ones. Every idea is then transformed into steel in our facilities.

On a production area of 5,400 m2 we have at our disposal the most advanced machinery for processing stainless steel and superalloys:

  • 2 laser cutters, 8 welding stations
  • 6 sheet metal bending stations
  • 2 punching machines

Everything is made in-house by us:

  • Basket strainers are manufactured in-house using a shaping method that ensures strength and durability
  • All components are assembled in-house
  • Each filter is tested with water before despatch. We can test large capacity filters up to 2,000 m3/hr.

We are ready and waiting to make the best, most suitable filter for your water treatment needs.

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