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We protect water with hard steel ideas

Acqua per ogni settore industriale e commerciale

Alfa Water Srl was founded in the heart of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where water flows pure and uncontaminated. Living in this territory has taught us a respectful attitude to our life-giving, essential water resources.

Right from the start our aim was protection: both for water – to be safeguarded and defended from pollution, and for the customers – to whom we provide ideas for solving their problems.

We are confident that ours are ‘hard steel ideas’ because we wish to innovate and find new solutions that are never banal, but strong: steely, just like the material we work so well with.

To solve water management problems we bring our ideas into play and clad them in steel, providing a unique water treatment service. As filtering technology is not just a question of physics and maths, we use all our experience and know-how to turn problems into solutions.

Proud of what our territory has taught us and used to managing water resources between the Dolomites and Venice, we do not limit ourselves to providing filters and water treatment systems. We believe that ensuring pure water makes a contribution to protecting the environment and for this reason the production process for our customised solutions is eco-sustainable and uses renewable energy.

Protecting water means protecting the future and this is the responsibility we have the courage to take on every time we place ourselves at a customer’s service.

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