The automatic self-cleaning filter with high efficiency due to the continuous filtration process and the low cleaning water consumption.

• Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
• No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
• Minimum cleaning water consumption
• Very reliable and efficient cleaning mechanism with suction scanner
AVC filters are automatic filters with suction scanning self-cleaning mechanism, driven by an electric motor. Thanks to flexible mechanism of scanner, ensuring adherence to the screen, this filter has high cleaning efficiency.
AVC filters can support flow rates of up to 220 m³/h (969 US gpm) with screens up to 7200 cm2, with several multi-layers screens covering the range of filtration degree between 2000 and 10 µm and with 6” inlet/outlet flanged connections.
Standard controller:
• AWC Basic controller (differential pressure and/or preset time and/or manual start, IP56, 4DI, 2AI, 4DO, Graphic Display 1×24 digit)
Available 2 controller:
• AWC FULL controller
• AWP FULL controller

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