The automatic self-cleaning filter with double cleaning system.
High efficiency due to the combined action of brushes and vacuum pads, particularly suitable for river water.

• Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
• No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
• Economic and robust choice for automation of filtration
• Very simple and reliable cleaning mechanism with special pads with brushes

Alfa Water ABV filters are automatic filters equipped with a double cleaning system, which allows the filter to be used even in the presence of coarse suspended solids.
Thanks to this double system, this filter has a high cleaning efficiency: first, the brushes remove the most coarse solids from the filtering tissue, then, through the opening of the drain valve on the cover, the suction scanner effect is generated, in which the pads suck the smaller solids.
ABV filters can support flow rates of up to 1850 m³/h (8145 US gpm) with five sizes of screens up to 19800 cm², with several multi-layers screens covering the range of filtration degree between 1000 and 10 µm and with different range of inlet/outlet flanged connections between 2″ and 16″


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